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    • [first lines]
    • Rachel Biegler: Remember what Marty said?
    • Richard Grimes: Ugh.
    • Rachel Biegler: "Having a baby is an immoral act."
    • Richard Grimes: Marty's an idiot.
    • [comparing semen to soda]
    • Dr. Dordick: So, the seltzer comes from one place, the syrup comes from someplace else, and, together they make Mountain Dew, or Diet Coke, or what have you. But, if the pipe gets clogged, you don't get Mountain Dew. You just get seltzer.
    • Sadie: God, my mom went on this jag where she got rid of, like, everything in her closet that was even remotely form-fitting, and now it's just like cowl necks, and tunics, and draw strings, and shawls, that whole Eileen Fisher thing. It's like she doesn't even have a body anymore, she's just drowning inside all this fabric and erased all sexuality from her being. It's like she's been spayed.
    • [to young trick-or-treaters]
    • Richard Grimes: Sorry about the environment!
    • Dr. Dordick: Alright, let's get pregnant, shall we?
    • Richard Grimes: Actually, we wanted to ask you about your eggs.
    • Sadie: Scrambled is good, but however you guys do them is fine with me.
    • Sadie: Look, I get my period every month and I flush an egg down the toilet. Why not give some to Richard and Rachel? What could be more meaningful than *me* giving two people that I love who are desperate to start a family the gift of life?
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