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To avenge her mother's death, Pixie masterminds a heist but must flee across Ireland from gangsters, take on the patriarchy, and choose her own destiny.


  • Olivia Cooke
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Ben Hardy
  • Daryl McCormack
  • Colm Meaney
  • Ned Dennehy
  • Sebastian de Souza

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Mar 1, 2021

The film simply wouldn’t be much, however, without Cooke’s quick-witted performance. She’s formidable and disarming at the same time, all the time. The character’s always got a line and, usually, a good move for any situation.

Metacritic review by Bob Strauss
Bob Strauss
San Francisco Chronicle
Mar 1, 2021

It’s got a good enough cast, a couple of twists and enough brute force to it that it’s worth taking in on its own terms. Those terms being “We’re imitating the McDonagh Brothers, so what?”

Metacritic review by Roger Moore
Roger Moore
Movie Nation
Oct 26, 2020

Pixie is a trigger-happy comedy road movie that relies more on boorish energy than wit or charm.

Metacritic review by Stephen Dalton
Stephen Dalton
The Hollywood Reporter