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  • At the Bayanbulak Rally, Zhang does not have a co-driver present on his passenger side when in fact it is compulsory for them to be present at all rallying events.
  • The English speaking announcer described the cars taking part at the rally a "racing car" when in fact the most accurate description for them is a rally car.
  • The Bayanbulak Rally takes place over one single stage when rallies are in fact broken into several stages which can be run for a day or more.
  • At the sequence where the cars overtake stricken opponents, there no marshals present to warn drivers of obstacles.
  • The Bayanbulak Rally takes place on a single stage of unpaved roads running for 100 km. A rally as intensive as this are in fact broken down into several stages as this would require hundreds of pages full of pace notes for a co-driver to go through. A human body, even those of a top rally driver, would struggle to handle the punishment inflicted by the road surface and its intensity.
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