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  • When Pee-wee and Simone watch the sunrise they enter a red T-Rex, but exit a green T-Rex, because it was being lit with a red spotlight.
  • When Pee-wee goes to get his bicycle from its hiding place at the beginning of the movie, we see gray trousers of a crew member, and someone's hand inside the left side of the door.
  • The obvious dummy used as an extra for Large Marge before the animated expression.
  • The action behind Pee-wee when he briefs his friends on the stolen bicycle.
  • When Pee-wee's breakfast is being made, the orange being squeezed in the juicer is clearly a foam-rubber ball.
  • When Pee-wee is driving Mickey's car past the road warning signs, the signs are clearly seen attached to carts on rollers coming towards the camera. This is only visible in unmatted full-screen home video.
  • During the bike race at the beginning, the shadow of a car is briefly visible.
  • When Pee-wee waves goodbye to Simone, his hand is waving near his face, but in the next shot, the hand is above his head.
  • When Pee-wee leaves the park and is driving his bike down the road, there is a red classic Mustang on the right side. In the next frame, we see Pee-wee coming down the same road from the same angle, but there is now a blue car where the Mustang was.
  • While making breakfast, when Abraham Lincoln flips the fifth and final pancake which sticks to the ceiling, you can see the pancake hit the ceiling and bounce to the side, revealing that the filmmakers simply dropped pancakes on the floor then inverted the shot.
  • Bulls are actually attracted to movement, not red.
  • In Pee-wee's breakfast machine, the orange juice in the jug under the dinosaur goes from nearly empty to about 3/4 full between shots.
  • During the robbery briefing in Pee-wee's basement, the shot of his dog "Speck" shows Dotty's feet in the background. Dotty does not arrive at the meeting until later.
  • The positions and number of the visitors to the park change in every shot.
  • At the beginning of the chase scene on the studio lot, the security carts are unplugged from the wall as if they were electric carts, but then they are heard making noises as though they were gas-powered.
  • A sound guy is visible in the window at the concession stand when Andy chases Pee-wee from the bus station to the parade.
  • When the 1959 Edsel convertible goes over the cliff, the rear quarter windows go from being down, to up, and then down again.
  • When Pee-wee removes his bike chain from its container, the chain is clearly seen begin fed through a hole in the bottom. This is only visible in unmatted full-screen home video.
  • When Pee-wee and Francis emerge from the battle in the swimming pool, Pee-wee's face is a little wet but his clothes are completely dry.
  • In the bicycle chase scene where a studio guard pursues Pee-wee, the guard pulls one of the tassel handles off Pee-wee's bike. In the close-up shot, Pee-wee presses a button that causes a handle without a tassel to spring out. When they cut back to the wide shot, the tassel is back as well.
  • Snow-capped mountains in the background in various Texas scenes.
  • Just before the bull jumps over the gate after Pee-wee rides, you can see the crowd change in the background.
  • As Pee-wee is rescuing the animals from the burning pet shop, He brings the dogs out and tells them to "sit." In a close up shot, they in fact do sit on command but in the very next shot from further away, the dogs are all scattered about the sidewalk walking around.
  • When Francis goes to open the bathroom door, he is wearing a striped towel around his waist, however, in the very next shot, When his Butler falls in the tub, he is seen holding the towel in his hand.
  • During the rodeo scene, the back end of the mechanical bull Pee-wee is riding is briefly visible.
  • When Pee-wee enters the magic shop, the image is flipped (most likely to facilitate being able to read "Mario's Magic Shop" on the shop door), as a result, the hanky in his left-hand suit pocket is switched to the right.
  • Pee-wee calls from a Pacific Bell payphone in a Texas biker bar.
  • When Pee-wee knocks the motorcycles over, one of them has no cap on the gas tank.
  • When Andy is listening to the "your big but" talk at night time, his ambient lighting shows that these shots were taken during the day.
  • When Twisted Sister are filming their music video, someone is following them with a boom mic, which is unnecessary as the band is using the pre-recorded album version of the song for the music video.
  • Pee-wee's stunt double can be seen when he falls off his bike in front of the kids.
  • The date at the truck stop is established as being January 11, yet only a few days later a Day of the Dead (November 1) parade is seen taking place while Pee-wee is in San Antonio.
  • When Pee-wee and Mickey are saying "the law" back and forth, the scenery to the right of Pee-wee changes abruptly from a lush meadow with trees to a huge rock wall.
  • When Mickey and Pee-wee stop for the police road block, Mickey shifts the car into park when they stop and then hides his hands (with the cuffs) in between his legs. After the conversation with the officer, Mickey never lifts his hands out from between his legs to shift the car back into drive to move forward.
  • The car that Mickey was driving was either registered to him, or even more likely stolen. In either case, any police inspection would reveal this, making their disguises irrelevant.
  • The "Headlight Glasses" are really just Fisher-Price binoculars.
  • The Criterion theater, in the mall that Pee-wee goes to, advertises that they will be showing something called "Cartoon Cavalcade." But a few seconds later, in a reflection, the theater sign is promoting an entirely different feature. When he starts walking off not long after this the Cartoon Cavalcade signage is back.
  • Number of toys/boats/etc. in Francis' bathtub is inconsistent during his fight with Pee-Wee.
  • Matte lines visible around Pee-wee when he does his bike jump.
  • As Pee-wee and Mickey drive away from the police checkpoint, the road is marked with a solid white line on the right shoulder, and a double yellow line on the left shoulder: these markings denote a unidirectional 2-lane highway. In the very next cut, the white line is on the left shoulder and the yellow is on the right. They are now going the wrong way.
  • Pee-wee accidentally hits his head on the ceiling during the Tequila dance scene.
  • When Pee-wee is driving the Edsel, just before he drives off the road, the shifter lever is clearly seen through the windscreen to be in the park position.
  • The exact same buildings are visible in the background when Pee-wee and Hobo Jack begin singing on the train, and (supposedly) much later when Pee-wee jumps off the train.
  • When Pee Wee and the speedboat are seen driving out of the movie studio, they pass by a truck that has no people by it. But when it cuts to the next shot where the two golf carts follow, there are two men and a woman talking to each other in front of the truck.
  • Near the end of Pee-Wee's chase scene at the Warner Bros. studios, he activates a launch mechanism on his bike and soars over a barb wire fence onto a roof; a crew member wearing sunglasses can be briefly seen on the lower right hand side of the screen.
  • Camera shadow briefly visible on Pee-wee Herman at one point, when his bike was stolen and he glances at the clown animatronic.
  • When Mickey and Pee-Wee go down the highway, Pee-Wee's bike is seen on the back of a truck in the lane to their right. However, when Mickey turns left in the next shot, they turn off of a 2-lane undivided highway. This implies that the truck was driving on the shoulder.
  • When Sgt. Hunter tells Pee-Wee there aren't enough resources for the police to search for his bike, she clasps her hands together. In the next shot, a closer one, only her right hand is visible but the left one is clearly not touching it.
  • The trailer Large Marge's semi is towing changes. In one shot when the truck is seen zooming along the highway, the trailer has horizontal ribbing and a slight drop deck. But after dropping Pee-Wee off at the truck stop, her trailer changes to a Strick with vertical ribbing.
  • Before Pee-Wee starts his meeting, Speck is seen sitting on the floor and Dottie's pink boots are behind him. Dottie later comes down the stairs with Chuck, then sits down in a wide shot and Speck is nowhere.


  • When Pee-wee is dropped off by Large Marge at the truck stop, folks at the diner there inform him that she was really dead. They point to a plaque with her picture saying she died that very night 10 years ago - January 11, 1974. The weather throughout the movie shows lots of green vegetation, and living plants, not the characteristics of January weather.
  • Matte lines visible around the shadowy figures in front of the screen at the drive-in (Francis being catapulted, and Pee-wee and Dottie driving away on their bikes).
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