Paths of Glory (1957)

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In 1916 in the French trenches, three blameless privates are court-martialed for cowardice and executed.


  • Kirk Douglas
  • Ralph Meeker
  • Adolphe Menjou
  • George Macready
  • Wayne Morris
  • Richard Anderson
  • Joe Turkel
  • Christiane Kubrick
  • Jerry Hausner
  • Peter Capell

Did You Know?


  • Director Trademark: [Three-Way] Lt. Roget vs. Cpl. Paris vs. Gen. Mireau.
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  • As Col. Dax is running through the trenches after Gen. Mireau gives his order, a "dead" soldier blinks.
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    • General Broulard: Colonel Dax, you're a disappointment to me. You've spoiled the keenness of your mind by wallowing in sentimentality. You really did want to save those men, and you were not angling for Mireau's command. You are an idealist... and I pity you as I would the village idiot. We're fighting a war, Dax, a war that we've got to win. Those men didn't fight, so they were shot. You bring charges against General Mireau, so I insist that he answer them. Wherein have I done wrong?
    • Colonel Dax: Because you don't know the answer to that question. I pity you.
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