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  • This is not the first time Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany have worked together. They previously did Firewall (2006).
  • Martin Freeman and Paul Bettany previously worked together in Captain America: Civil War (2016)
  • This marks as the first time Harrison Ford and Anthony Hopkins are sharing the screen.
  • Natalie Dormer was originally cast as the lead with Justin Chadwick as the director.
  • Indira Varma and Conleth Hill have previously starred together in the hit-show Game of Thrones (2011). Also, Game of Thrones (2011) star Natalie Dormer was previously cast as the lead before Keira Knightley.
  • The Palestinian actor Adam Bakri plays Yasar Gun, Katharine Gun's Kurdish husband from Turkey who was deported from the UK. She now lives in with him and their young daughter in Turkey.
  • This is the second time Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes have starred alongside each other, the first being in The Duchess (2008)
  • Keira Knightley and Matthews Goode appeared together in The Imitation Game (2014).
  • When originally announced in 2016, both director and main actors were different. The original director was Justin Chadwick. Natalie Dormer was supposed to play the main character, Katharine Gun. Paul Bettany was Martin Bright. Martin Freeman was a composite of Peter Beaumont (played by Matthew Goode in the actual movie) and Ed Vulliamy. Harrison Ford was supposed to appear as a veteran CIA agent, and also Anthony Hopkins as a retired general.
  • Nicole Mowbray is the actual Observer's young journalist who replaced some terms from the secret memo (in the movie due to the use of grammar checker). And she was contacted by the actress who played her, Hanako Footman, to provide more details about the episode.
  • When Secretary of State Colin Powell learned that the information he was given for his presentation to the United Nations was false and intentionally misleading, he was so disgusted that he resigned from office. For one example the false evidence that he presented included photographs of some metal tubes. Photographic analysis showed that the tube walls were far too thin to be used as suggested and were quite ordinary.
  • During the time that the U.S. was pushing for war with Iraq it was widely reported in the U.S. press that the British had experience dealing with the Iraqi informant who was providing the Americans with the intelligence they were relying on. The British affirmed that none of the information he provided to them over a period of several years had turned out to be true. After being rejected by the British, the informant began selling information direct to the Americans. Reportedly, the man had received close to $100,000 in cash over the previous few years for his reports to the British and Americans; information that provided a strong motive for generating false intelligence. After the invasion and occupation it was proven that all of his information was indeed false.
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