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Goofs from My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro)

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  • When Mei and Satsuki are running back home from school because of the rain, Mei trips and gets mud on her skirt. After a few scenes, her skirt does not have any mud.
  • When the father bikes with his daughters down a hill, on the road they ride on there are stones and parts of wood, but the bike doesn't shake.
  • Some of the whiskers on Mei's drawing of Totoro vanish in a wide view.
  • The color of the umbrella handle that Kanta offers Satsuki changes.
  • When Satsuki and Mei are waiting for the bus in the rain, the bus stop sign reads 'Maezawa-gyo' in some scenes while in other scenes the sign reads 'Shichikokuyama-gyo'.
  • When Mei is walking around with corn, a goat walks up and bears its large teeth. The goat shows a full set of upper and lower teeth. This is a mistake as goats do not have upper teeth.


  • When the Catbus destination indicator switches to the hospital, the last kanji character is miswritten, with one of its parts backward and another upside down. The headlight-mouse next to it does a double-take in acknowledgment.
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