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Goofs from My Man Godfrey (1936)

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  • Godfrey is placing roses in a vase while ignoring Irene. In one shot, he has already placed five stems in the vase. The camera cuts away to the rest of the cast, but when Godfrey is seen again, there is only one rose in the vase.
  • When Irene first goes into Godfrey's room, the door opens to the right, in the direction of the kitchen - revealing Molly standing in the background. In the next shot, the door is open on the left, in the direction of the bedroom.
  • At the Tea Party, while Irene is talking to Charlie Van Rumple, Godfrey is in the background with a tray serving Cornelia and she takes an item in each hand. A few seconds later, the scene shifts to Cornelia, and Godfrey again serves her, and she again takes the two items.
  • In the living room scene just after the PARK AVENUE CHATTER column that appears, Cornelia's magazine changes. At first, Cornelia picks up a magazine having a dark stripe along the top and bottom of the front cover, then the magazine has a lighter front cover and a woman (resembling her) in an ad on the back cover. As Cornelia moves over to the couch, the magazine changes back to the original one; further, it reveals a star shape on the front cover and a non-portrait on the back cover.
  • After Cornelia's necklace supposedly disappears, three police officers are at the Bullock home to investigate. Minutes later, only two of them are shown leaving.
  • When Cornelia & Faithful George return to the scavenger hunt at the Waldorf Ritz, Cornelia addresses Godfrey by name, even though she had not actually learned it by that point in the film.
  • The background footage of the 59th Street Bridge used in Godfrey's office is from the opposite side of the river to the footage used for the outdoor scenes at "The Dump".
  • When Godfrey is washing dishes because Molly "has a cold" and Irene joins him in wiping, he only washes supper plates. For one meal, there would not be so many plates used; other items should have been washed after about nine plates at most, which would include the servants' used plates.
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