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  • On the train out of town, after Cuthbert gives Flowerbelle the heart shaped charm, his hat starts on his head, but then suddenly its magically in his left hand (so he can use his right hand to hold onto the railing.)
  • Near the end, Flower Belle is going up the stairs and her wedding ring is visible on her hand underneath her gloves. Then at the top of the stairs, she goes to give Cuthbert the ring back and it is in her purse.
  • When the 'train' stops to pick up the Fields character it consists of the locomotive only. The carriages then reappear in the next scene.
  • When Sheriff Twillie serves the tipsy woman at his bar, he puts the drink down to his right, and the chaser (water) to his left. In the next shot, a slightly different angle, the drink glasses are reversed, with the chaser (water) now on Twillie's right.
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