My Bloody Valentine (1981)

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  • Paul Kelman
  • Lori Hallier
  • Neil Affleck
  • Keith Knight
  • Alf Humphreys
  • Cynthia Dale
  • Helene Udy
  • Rob Stein
  • Thomas Kovacs
  • Terry Waterland

Did You Know?


  • In an interview with director George Mihalka said that the shooting location at Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia was chosen because of its rustic atmospheric appearance. However when the locals found out that a movie was to be shot there they decided to spend $50,000 to have the mine painted and cleaned! This, of course, diminished the reason that the production wanted the location to begin with. Mihalka said that $75,000 of the films budget was then used to return the mine to its original state for shooting.
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  • The passenger side mirror on TJ's car is askew when Sarah gets into the car. The mirror is fine once again as they drive off.
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    • [the Chief is getting into his car when Tommy's car comes up behind him, swerving wildly. It stops and Tommy gets out]
    • [yelling]
    • Chief Jake Newby: Goddammit, Tommy Whitcomb what the hell's the matter with you? Where's your brains? I...
    • Tommy Whitcomb: Chief, listen to me. You have to go to the mine! We were having a party and Harry Warden started killing everybody!
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The shocks are strictly mechanical and redundant, the script uncomplicated by incidental humor or character byplay. It comes as no great surprise when the killer is revealed to a be a Halloween clone and then allowed to vanish, aggravating the pathetic resemblance. The reviewers who made a fuss over Halloween have a lot to answer for. [25 Feb 1981, p.B12]

Metacritic review by Gary Arnold
Gary Arnold
Washington Post