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  • Film crew reflected in the window of the trolley car with Mrs. Doubtfire and kids on board as it drives by.
  • When Mrs. Sellner is inspecting Daniel's apartment and he is in the kitchen, Mrs. Doubtfire's wig mysteriously changes from frayed to perfectly shaped. However, Daniel could have easily fixed its frayed position in-between shots.
  • During the sequence where Daniel is calling Miranda with horrible "potential nannies", he makes one call while in a bathtub. Between shots where it cuts between him and Miranda, the bubbles on his body change position.
  • A catapulting device used to force the styrofoam head to cause Mrs. Doubtfire's mask to fall off into the alley is visible at the base of the head.
  • In the birthday party scene at the beginning, Daniel sees Miranda and jumps off the table. When he takes his cap off, his hair is flattened down. After Miranda pulls the plug from the outlet, the next shot is of Daniel with his hair neatly combed.
  • As the family approach the entrance to the swimming pool enclosure, the same two bikini-clad girls cross their path twice between shots.
  • When Daniel/Mrs. Doubtfire is in the kitchen looking in the fridge, the cameraman is reflected in the frying pan that he picks up.
  • When Mrs. Doubtfire and Miranda are unloading a paper bag of groceries, Mrs. Doubtfire pulls out a small bag of tomatoes. In the next shot, she pulls out the same bag of vegetables and carries them to the refrigerator to place into the crisper.
  • Miranda, a professional decorator, recommends a "17th Century grand piano" for Stuart's B&B. The piano is an 18th Century invention, while the grand piano, as we know it, was not invented until the late 19th Century. What did exist in the 17th Century (which in fact resembled a piano) was a harpsichord.
  • When 'Stu' is talking to his friend in the bar at the pool, the reflection of the camera can be seen in the vase behind them.
  • The first time Daniel emerges from the ladies room and asks the maitre d' for a menu, the knot of his tie is skewed to his left. In the next shot, when he reaches Mr. Lundy's table, it has been straightened.
  • When Mrs. Doubtfire throws the lime at Stu, it cuts to Stu getting hit in the head. When it cuts back to Mrs. Doubtfire, the same lime is clearly at the top of the fruit dish. The same lime disappears and reappears from the fruit dish several times in this scene.
  • When Mrs. Doubtfire goes into the kitchen, she closes a regular door in the middle of the hall. Throughout the rest of this scene, there are two swinging doors to the kitchen, and they are located at the other end of the hall.
  • When Mrs. Doubtfire serves tea to the Inspector who visits, her home, the amount of tea in the Inspector's cup changes after the camera cuts away to show the melting cake fall off Mrs. Doubtfire's face into the cup.
  • After Mrs. Doubtfire lights her blouse on fire over the stove, she says "first day as a woman and I'm getting hot flashes" - although it is not his first day.
  • Stu's Stunt double can be seen when he jumps off the diving board at the pool area.
  • During the sequence where Daniel is calling Miranda with horrible "potential nannies", Miranda is seen responding on a cell phone, home phone, and her work phone. It is entirely possible that Miranda has "Call Forwarding" from her home phone to her cell while she is out. The two numbers published may have been her home and work numbers.
  • When Daniel is putting in his false teeth, you can see that some lipstick got on his teeth. This is a normal problem, even on real women with real teeth. It should also be noted that Daniel was not sober at the time.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire's accent is described by several characters as English, but sounds more Scottish.
  • Stunt double when Mrs Doubtfire's chest is on fire.
  • The front right hob changes between off and on between shots.
  • When Daniel begins to pick up and play with the dinosaurs on the table cigarette smoke blows into the shot from a crew member off camera.
  • Mr. Lundy is wearing a black suit, when he is drinking with Daniel in the restaurant. White specks appear and disappear on the suit between shots.
  • When Mrs. Doubtfire first meets with Miranda and is making tea for them, she fills the tea kettle with water and puts it on the stove, but the kettle never boils and is not seen pouring it for tea anyway, there is also no steam coming out of the cups.
  • In the apartment inspection scene, when Mrs. Doubtfire pulls her head out of the refrigerator, there is icing on the wig. After showing the inspector and cutting back to Mrs. Doubtfire, the wig is clean.
  • In the pool scene, Stu chats with Ron who knows him well enough to know about Stu's dating habits. After Mrs. Doubtfire throws the lime at Stu and claims an unhappy kitchen staff member was the culprit, he hears Mrs. Doubtfire chuckle and call Stu a loser. Ron looks at her and Mrs. Doubtfire speaks in a man's voice again, threateningly to him. A friend or acquaintance would have brought that up immediately or confronted the old woman with a younger man's voice.
  • In the pool scene, the children are dressed for winter weather and are not sweating, even though it is supposed to be a hot day.
  • The "Mrs. Doubtfire" face that Daniel wears is not a mask, but a prosthetic appliance, as evident by its uneven edges. These must be carefully glued down and blended with each use. It can't simply be put on and removed like a mask.
  • When Daniel goes to his brother's place and they go through the makeup process to turn him into Mrs. Doubtfire, they go through several iterations until they finally reach one that is acceptable as the character. Other than to showcase Robin Williams' comedic talents, there was no reason to make him up to look like a Hispanic woman and then Barbara Streisand. They should have focused on creating a look that would fit the persona that Daniel created while on the phone with Miranda.
  • The reason Daniel did not lie to Miranda to get out of the Bridges dinner was because his youngest daughter begged him (as Mrs. Doubtfire) to go, and he couldn't face disappointing her. There is an entire scene devoted to demonstrating that, and it's the reason he agreed to go in the first place.
  • The scene where Daniel and the children are having a spaghetti dinner, you can see the equipment crew reflected in the picture frame, just before revealing the family eating.
  • When at Bridges, Stu orders jambalaya not spicy, then Daniel adds pepper later. Pepper is not the only thing that makes jambalaya spicy. It is naturally a spicy dish.
  • When Daniel hastily changes back into Mrs. Doubtfire for the social worker, he jerks on his Mrs. Doubtfire wig and leaves it crooked, with a portion of his brown sideburns sticking out. But in the next cut, when he's creeping up the hall to the kitchen, the wig is not only straight but appears to have been pinned neatly into place.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire is seen opening the door to the kitchen and the chef coats are by the door. The chef uniforms are never by the dining room, they are in the back in the employee's dressing room; presumably this was shown as a plot convenience.
  • There is not a restaurant in the world that has all the cooking spices on the waiter's side of the kitchen as shown when Mrs. Doubtfire put the hot pepper on Stu's dinner. Furthermore, one of the eight line cooks working would have seen Mrs. Doubtfire season a dish that was on the pass-thru and would have either said something or remade the dish. NOTE: In a deleted scene, one of the cooks does catch Mrs. Doubtfire adding the pepper, so he/she pretends to be a high-profile Cajun chef visiting the restaurant and chides the cook for not adding the pepper.
  • Stu mentioned that he was allergic to pepper, but his reaction was that of choking and not an allergic reaction to the pepper that Mrs. Doubtfire had put on. If Stu was really allergic to pepper the small amount he did ingest would have had him on the floor and he would be in great pain.
  • In the music listings for the song Dude (Looks Like a Lady), the name of co-writer Desmond Child is misspelled (as "Desmond Childs").
  • The body of the newspaper article's text that Daniel gets his Doubtfire name from is clearly unrelated to the article's title.
  • When Daniel/Mrs. Doubtfire goes into the bathroom while holding the teeth, they disappear once he is in the bathroom.
  • It is obvious that Miranda never does a thorough background check on "Mrs. Doubtfire", even though Daniel does give her a fake resume'. Had she done so, she would have quickly discovered that something was off about "her", thereby arousing suspicion of this strange "woman" that she's welcoming into her home to watch her three under-aged children.


  • When Mrs Doubtfire gets her own children's TV show at the end, she asks Kovacs, "Do you know what language they speak in England", and Kovacs says "Pakistani?". Pakistani is not a language, the national language of Pakistan is Urdu (among other provincial languages like Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, etc..) The word Pakistani only refers to the people and culture of Pakistan, there is no language by the name of Pakistani. But the whole point of the scene is that Kovacs gets everything wrong.
  • When Mrs Doubtfire gets her own children's TV show at the end, she asks one of the puppet characters if he knows anything about England. The reply is 'I only know that it's an island', which isn't true. Britain is an island, not England.
  • After Chris and Lydia learn that Mrs. Doubtfire is a male, Lydia threatens "her" by picking up a tennis racket as a weapon. However, the next time Lydia is shown in a full-body shot, she is no longer holding the tennis racket.
  • When Stu is at the restaurant we see him place a shrimp in his mouth, and chew it thoroughly. Moments later he begins to choke and Mrs. Doubtfire helps him. But when he coughs out the shrimp, it is whole.
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