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    • Edwin Layton: Pearl Harbor is the greatest intelligence failure in American history.
    • [repeated line, as he attempts to land on a carrier]
    • Dick Best: Hang in there kid, we're almost home.
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt: It is a day which will live in infamy.
    • [shouting at the staff car]
    • Dick Best: Hey, Nimitz ! when are you going to let us hit those Japs ?
    • [embarrassed]
    • Staff Officer (Nimitz): I'm sorry, Sir. Shall I get their names ?
    • Chester W. Nimitz: No. It's good to know at least some of the men still want to fight.
    • Edwin Layton: Washington is starting from a false assumption, and looking for evidence to support it.
    • William Brockman: I'm not going to waste a torpedo on a cruiser, where are the carriers ?
    • Clarence Dickinson: What are Army planes doing on a carrier ?
    • James Murray: What if we get shot down ?
    • Dick Best: I'm not going to end up as a POW, and neither are you.
    • William 'Bull' Halsey: That's the bravest damn thing I think I've ever seen.
    • Isoroku Yamamoto: We have awaken a sleeping giant
    • Raymond Spruance: Layton, how reliable are these estimates of the Japanese positions?
    • Edwin Layton: They represent our best guess based on the intelligence that we have.
    • Raymond Spruance: I can't plan around your guess.
    • [to Layton]
    • Chester W. Nimitz: I understand that we're asking the impossible but we need you to be specific.
    • [sighs, pauses a moment]
    • Edwin Layton: The Japanese will attack on the morning of June 4th from the northwest at a bearing of 325 degrees. They will be sighted 175 miles from Midway at 0700 local time.
    • Chester W. Nimitz: I trust Layton and his team. Make your plans accordingly.
    • [later, on the morning of June 4th, after receiving the report the enemy fleet was spotted on a bearing of 320 degrees and 180 m]
    • Chester W. Nimitz: Well, Layton, you and Rochefort were only off five minutes, five miles and five degrees.
    • Edwin Layton: Well, we'll endeavor to do better next time, sir.
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