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Meander (Meandre)

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A woman finds herself locked in a series of strange tunnels full of deadly traps.


  • Gaia Weiss
  • Peter Franzén
  • Romane Libert
  • Frédéric Franchitti
  • Corneliu Dragomirescu
  • Eva Niewdanski
  • Fabien Houssaye
  • Carl Laforêt

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Jul 21, 2021

The film gives the audience the feeling of being trapped in a tight and confined space. And that feeling is as thrillingly unpleasant as it is a sweaty-palmed nightmare.

Metacritic review by Asher Luberto
Asher Luberto
The Playlist
Jul 9, 2021

Phantasm, gnarly as it could get, always had an impish side, just as the monumental power of AC/DC is leavened by the sight of its elfin lead guitarist in a schoolboy uniform. Meander has no such sense of fun. But it offers some newish sights and shocks.

Metacritic review by Glenn Kenny
Glenn Kenny
Jul 8, 2021

Meander, by director Mathieu Turi, uses the device of the escape room, or tunnel in this instance, as a way of negotiating the story of a woman’s perilous journey through a debilitating sadness. It’s allegorical, no doubt. But it’s an allegory that makes excellent use of an incredibly intricate and claustrophobic set piece.

Thom Ernst