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  • Nick Broomfield has a track record of inserting himself into his own documentaries. In this instance, it was particularly pertinent as Broomfield himself was an ex-lover of Marianne Ihlen.
  • Marianne Ihlen was the inspiration behind Leonard Cohen's songs 'So Long Marianne', 'Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye' and 'Bird on a Wire'.
  • A lot of the footage of the couple was shot by D.A. Pennebaker who had also stayed on the island of Hydra.
  • Nick Broomfield got the idea of making the film after the death of Marianne Ihlen when he realized that he'd let a significant part of his life pass unmarked.
  • Marianne Ihlen actually encouraged a young Nick Broomfield to take the plunge and make his first film.
  • Cinematographer Barney Broomfield is the son of Nick Broomfield and his ex-wife, Joan Churchill.


  • Leonard Cohen died just a little over three months after the passing of his muse.
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