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Goofs from Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

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  • Diaval appears uncomfortable with being served poultry, presumably due to him actually being a raven. However, ravens do sometimes eat other birds, so he shouldn't have an issue with it.
  • In the first movie, Maleficent curses Aurora, not the spinning wheel spindle, and the cursed ended with the true love's kiss. Therefore, it's impossible for the needle to be cursed in this movie.


  • When Maleficent is rising as the Phoenix, the two guards run away from the castle turret. When the camera pulls back for a wider shot, they are seen running away again.
  • After the battle near the end, the human and fey fighters embrace. However, the fey are allergic to iron and the soldiers are wearing iron or steel armor, so the embrace of friendship would be hurting the fey.
  • Foolishly, the Dark Fey react to the castle's deadly magical artillery by engaging in close combat, instead of using their powerful flight ability to bombard its defending soldiers with rocks dropped vertically from a great height.
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