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  • Luce means 'light' in Italian. A luce is also a type of pike fish. Pike fish are notorious for being voracious and for having large pointed teeth.
  • Naomi Watts and Tim Roth previously starred as parents in Funny Games (2007).
  • Kelvin Harrison Jr. actually wrote a paper on Frantz Fanon as part of his research for the role; Octavia Spencer then graded it, and that paper is the one seen onscreen.
  • The film features Andrea Bang's first nude and sex scene.
  • A gun shot sounds every time Luce closes his locker.
  • There is purposefully no red or warm tones used in the film's costume design
  • Naomi Watts was convinced to take the part after watching Kelvin Harrison Jr.'s audition tape.


  • Luce, meaning "light", is also short for "Lucifer", aka Satan, the Devil or the Father of Lies. The name provides an early indication about the character of the young man and how the story will unfold.
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