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  • Filming for "Lizzie" took place in November and December 2016. The filming location was Savannah, Georgia.
  • Kristen Stewart dyed her hair back to her usual dark brown colour just prior to filming commencing in mid November '16. She had previously dyed it platinum blonde due to her having some months free from any filming commitments.
  • The film was originally known as the "Untitled Lizzie Borden Project," before its title was revealed as "Lizzie."
  • Pieter Van Hees was originally announced as the film's director.
  • When this film was first announced, Tom Hanks was attached to a role. However he dropped out for unknown reasons.
  • Chloe Sevigny was born in Massachusetts like her character, Lizzie Borden.
  • Premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.
  • It was filmed in 23 days.
  • This project was in development for many years as a passion project of Chloë Sevigny's. At one point it was set up at HBO as a miniseries, until a rival project from another studio caused HBO to axe the project. Sevigny and writer Bryce Kass then bought the rights back to the project.
  • Lizzie Borden was 32 years old the year her parents were murdered (1892). Chloë Sevigny was 42 years old during the making of this film (2016).
  • Apart from Lizzie Borden, Bridget Sullivan, Emma Borden and John Morse have also been speculated to be suspects in the murders.
  • The photograph in the locket that Lizzie's father gives her in the film is that of the real Lizzie Borden's actual mother, Sarah. She died when Lizzie was a baby.
  • Other than the title card there are no opening credits.


  • This film sticks to many historical facts and notes about the case. It should be noted however that Lizzie being a lesbian, having a love affair with Bridget and enlisting her help in the murders is pure speculation.
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