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  • At 30:38 when Officer Penny breaks the driver's side window on the suspect's car, the window breaks like regular old plate glass. Car side windows use tempered glass, so when broken they don't create large jagged sharp pieces which can easily cut and injure occupants/pedestrians, but rather they break up into thousands of tiny cubes and are far less likely to cause serious cuts and abrasions. Tempered glass is also a lot harder than plate glass.
  • Ava says her Fiat 500 is zero emissions so it is a 500e; however, when the 500e flips over after avoiding the truck, it reveals an exhaust pipe. The 500e is electric and doesn't have an exhaust pipe.
  • When the villain is sitting on a bed loading AR-15 magazines, you can clearly see that all the primers are dented, indicating they are expended rounds. This was a close-up shot; it's very obvious.
  • The police helicopter seen in the beginning changes between shots from being white with some blue to being all blue, several times.
  • When Ava and Officer Penny are in the dark hallway of Bunny's building, there's a closeup of Ava's phone screen. It shows it is only recording a video using the iPhone's native video recording mode. Hence, it is not live streaming on, what appears to be, an Instagram or other social media platform.
  • The police would have searched the kidnapper's brother and disarmed him before putting him in the ambulance and have had an officer in the back with the suspect.
  • After a police-involved shooting, Penny turns in his gun. As he is leaving the scene, he is in the alley where the suspect jumped from a window, and his gun is clearly holstered. Moments later, at the suspect's car, the vlogger (Ava) notes that he has no gun in his holster.
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