Leap Year (2010) Movie Poster

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  • A woman's plan to propose to her boyfriend in Dublin experiences a few bumps along the way in this trailer.


  • Interview: Matthew Goode "On his character"
  • Clip: Anna accidentally sends Declan's car careening down the hill
  • Clip: Declan mistreats Anna's designer suitcase
  • Clip: Declan agrees to drive Anna to Dublin
  • Interview: Amy Adams "On filming in Ireland"
  • Clip: Anna catches Declan's lie about the coin toss
  • Interview: John Lithgow "On Amy Adams"
  • Clip: Jeremy gives Anna a gift at dinner
  • Interview: Adam Scott "On what the story is about"
  • Clip: The innkeeper forces Declan to kiss Anna
  • Clip: Anna pushes the airline desk workers for a flight to Dublin