Lazy Susan

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Susan has always been the self-centered oddball in her family who lazily skated through life with their grudging support until one day she wakes up to realize she's middle-aged with no job, no rela- tionship, and an increasingly estranged family. She finally decides to take charge and turn things around, but never having done anything herself before, the struggle is real (and hilarious) as Susan becomes the woman she always wanted to be, all on her own.


  • Sean Hayes
  • Allison Janney
  • Matthew Broderick
  • Margo Martindale
  • J.R. Ramirez
  • Jim Rash
  • Matty Cardarople
  • Maria Shriver
  • Ryan Buggle
  • Skipp Sudduth

Did You Know?


  • A transgender person is someone who identifies as a gender other than the one assigned to them at birth. A cisgender person is someone who identifies as the gender that was assigned to them at birth. A drag queen, or 'doing drag', is simply someone dressing up as a gender other than the one they identify as, but has nothing to do with their personal gender identity. People have a difficult time understanding these concepts, Often times people assume that if a cisgender actor is portraying a different gender than the one they are in real life they are automatically either playing a drag queen or a transgender person. Because of this the film's producers went out of their way in press releases and promotion to clarify that the character of Susan is a cisgender woman who happens to be portrayed by a cisgender man.
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Apr 3, 2020

It never quite works on its own. What’s crucial at the core is creating a character who feels like a real human being; Susan is more of a collection of quirks and bad choices. There just isn’t much to her. And the novelty alone of seeing Hayes play a woman is not enough to recommend this, although he does offer sporadic glimmers of vulnerability and humanity.

Metacritic review by Christy Lemire
Christy Lemire
Apr 2, 2020

Despite its talented, overqualified cast, Lazy Susan simply feels like a mistake.

Metacritic review by Frank Scheck
Frank Scheck
The Hollywood Reporter
Apr 2, 2020

Sean Hayes is a droll delight as Susan, who uses cynicism and snappy put-downs as a defense mechanism but has a real heart.

Metacritic review by Richard Roeper
Richard Roeper
Chicago Sun-Times