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  • Mindy Kaling posted a photo of the first table read on her Instagram on April 9, 2018.
  • Mindy Kaling and Amy Ryan appeared on The Office (2005)
  • Actress, Writer, and Producer Mindy Kaling wrote the role of Katherine Newbury specifically for Dame Emma Thompson.
  • Paul Feig was originally going to direct. However, he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Actress, Writer, and Producer Mindy Kaling worked for Conan O'Brien as an intern.
  • A poster for Director Nisha Ganatra's first movie, Chutney Popcorn (1999), can be seen on a wall in Molly's room.
  • Sakina Jaffrey also played Mindy Kaling's mother in The Mindy Project (2012).
  • There are multiple mentions of Katherine Newbury (Dame Emma Thompson) publicly discussing her clinical depression. This played on the real-life occurrence of Thompson discussing her depression following her split from Sir Kenneth Branagh.
  • Mindy Kaling's number in this movie is Eight. She was in Ocean's 8 (2018).
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