Labyrinth of Lies (Im Labyrinth des Schweigens)

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A young prosecutor in postwar West Germany investigates a massive conspiracy to cover up the Nazi pasts of prominent public figures.


  • Alexander Fehling
  • André Szymanski
  • Friederike Becht
  • Johannes Krisch
  • Johann von Bülow
  • Robert Hunger-Bühler
  • Hansi Jochmann
  • Lukas Miko
  • Gert Voss
  • Tim Williams

Did You Know?


  • Based on the life of Frankfurt's attorney general Fritz Bauer and three of his prosecutors. They all were instrumental for the holding of the important 'Auschwitz trials' in 1963.
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  • In the second half of the movie, the English subtitles are seriously out of synch with the German dialogue, making it very difficult to follow lengthy conversations.
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    • Major Parker: You were all Nazis. In the Eastern sector, now you are all communists. Jesus, you Germans! If little green men from Mars landed tomorrow, you would all become green.
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Oct 8, 2015

Frehling is excellent as a rigid do-gooder who thinks he understands everything and then comes up against crimes that shake his sense of the universe. His fresh fierceness is nicely balanced by Voss, who says little but radiates wisdom.

Metacritic review by Mick LaSalle
Mick LaSalle
San Francisco Chronicle
Sep 30, 2015

It’s one of the most important and revelatory films of the year.

Rex Reed
Sep 29, 2015

The film deftly explores the story's complex moral issues from several sides.

Metacritic review by Boyd van Hoeij
Boyd van Hoeij
The Hollywood Reporter