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  • Clip: Rope Bridge sequence
  • Interview: Angelina Jolie "On the relevance of Kung Fu Panda to her children"
  • Clip: The Sacred Hall Of Warriors
  • Clip: Tai Lung is Free
  • Clip: Secret ingredient soup
  • Interview: Po "Tell Us About Yourself"
  • Clip: The Dragon Warrior
  • Clip: Po meets Master Shifu
  • Clip: Po won't quit
  • Clip: The Furious Five
  • Interview: Seth Rogen "On the Furious Five cast"
  • Behind the scenes: Jack Black in studio
  • Clip: Nothing is impossible
  • Interview: Jack Black "On Po being a great character"
  • Behind the scenes: Animating Po's face
  • Clip: Po With Punching Bag