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Quotes from John Carpenter's Vampires

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    • Valek: Isn't it beautiful? Something you'll never forget? I know I won't.
    • Valek: You can't kill me.
    • [after interogating the padre and getting him to confess]
    • Jack Crow: You're a good man padre... welcome to the team.
    • [broken]
    • Father Adam Guiteau: May God forgive me.
    • Father Adam Guiteau: A master vampire, able to walk in the sunlight, unstoppable. Unless we stop him.
    • Jack Crow: Let me ask you a question. When you were stabbing that vampire in there?
    • Father Adam Guiteau: Major Chubby.
    • Jack Crow: Language, Padre, language!
    • Father Adam Guiteau: Yeah?
    • Jack Crow: Did you get a little wood?
    • Father Adam Guiteau: Mahogany.
    • Jack Crow: Excuse me?
    • Father Adam Guiteau: Ebony.
    • Jack Crow: What?
    • Father Adam Guiteau: Teak.
    • Jack Crow: Are you possessed by demons?
    • [a vampire has just snapped a metal cord that was being pulled by Montoya's jeep]
    • Father Adam Guiteau: You didn't tell me they could do that!
    • Jack Crow: I didn't *know* they could do that!
    • [Cardinal Alba, performing the ceremony, makes a cut at Jack's leg]
    • [yells]
    • Jack Crow: Motherf...!
    • [Valek has beaten up Jack very badly as Montoya & Katrina escape the vampires and Father Guiteau hides in the local bar]
    • [grabs Jack's head; growls]
    • Valek: Your war is over, Crusader.
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