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  • When Logan plays a hard drive found in the body of a victim, you hear the audio play, but when it cuts to the computer, it shows the audio file has just started playing.
  • Detective Hunt says that Logan was captured in Fallujah after taking out three Talibans, which is impossible because Fallujah is in Iraq, while Talibans are in Afghanistan.
  • When Logan mentions that hydrofluoric acid was used to kill the second victim, he mentions that the tissue is connected to the heart, therefore everything, including the heart, is eaten away by the hydrofluoric acid. This is incorrect as hydrofluoric acid only eats oxides, and not organic tissue like flesh. If dropped on the skin, nothing would happen. It would seep into the body and begin dissolving the bones of the victim by a process known as decalcification.
  • Since most of Jigsaw's voice is pre-recorded on tape and on TV, it would be hard to know the victim's name if they accidentally fall into the wrong trap. A little while after Ryan get his leg stuck in the Leg Wires underneath the floorboard two televisions switch on (not his trap or test). Jigsaw mentions Ryan's name. Since the Leg Wire Trap was made for anyone who tried to go through the exit, he would have no idea whose name it was. Based on the later flashback showing John rushing in to take Logan out of the bucket himself, it's pretty likely that he was watching the game live and could say the correct person's name, since the TV screen is showing live events, not a prerecorded message.
  • After Anna, Carly, Mitch, and Ryan make it through the "Bucket Room"; the main part of Tuck's Pig Farm looks like it's almost entirely made of wood. If the walls were made of wood, they could have found a way out considering that there are enough tools around.
  • Detective Halloran looks up Logan on the Department of Veteran Affairs website and is able to pull up Logan's medical records, it lists his diagnosis and prescription history. This is all information that is protected by doctor/patient privilege, it wouldn't be posted online for anyone to see. Even if Detective Halloran was accessing a database only available to law enforcement he still would not be able to access Dr. Logan Nelson's medical history without Logan's written permission or a court order.
  • During the car chase, the car runs over a harrow set by the police, but in the next shot, the front right tire is not flat.
  • (Around 59 mins) When Anna crawls through the "NO EXIT" door, you can see black holes in the trees from a green screen error.
  • John Kramer states that Anna framed her husband for the death of their baby. But John cannot know this to be true. He overheard the couple arguing, but there is no possible way for him to know that Anna's husband did not roll over and suffocate their baby. Similarly, John claims that Ryan lied to the police regarding the car crash that killed his best friend. Unless John was a first-hand witness to this event, he could not possibly know the truth.
  • (Around 41 mins 07 secs) As Detective Keith Hunt approaches the front door of the police station, the following camera and mic can be seen in the reflection of the glass door.
  • When the chains begin to retract in Carly's trap, the case holding the three syringes gets lifted into the ceiling. If Ryan had not taken all three syringes out of the case before that point, there would have been no chance for any of the participants to survive. This goes against John's mantra of the participants making a choice to survive.
  • Logan reveals that he was part of Jigsaw's first game 10 years ago, implying that game took place after Cecil's (in "Saw IV") but before Paul, Mark, and Amada's (in "Saw"). However, Halloran states that Jigsaw died 10 years ago, which would mean Logan's trap would have been set just before Jeff Denlon's (in "Saw III"), and after Mark Hoffman's, Amanda's, and Lawrence Gordon's - Jigsaw's other accomplices. Either Logan is wrong about his trap being the first or Halloran is mistaken about when John Kramer actually died.
  • Logan put a lot of faith in his modern day version of the barn trap working out identically to the one 10 years ago. He could not have known that Malcolm would not make it through the bucket head trap, the blonde woman would inject herself with not only the acid, but in the same place in her neck as Carly did, and the third man would fail his test and end up shredded. He doesn't say he recreated the game, only the traps. It is far more likely that he directly murdered each person in the same manner as Logan/Carly/Mitch were in the original game and then placed their bodies around town than he had time to force random people to play through the same circumstances and could guarantee the same outcome.
  • Just before Mitch starts to lower into "The Spiralizer" the close up of the tape player doesn't have moving numbers on the tape counter, even though you would see them progressing in the time frame.
  • At one hour and eight minutes, John Kramer sits a sawed-off shotgun onto two brackets shaped similar to tuning forks and they are at different heights; a few minutes prior to this he removes a stack of saw blades from the brackets and they are both at the same height.


  • When the police go to dig up John Kramer's grave, they should have noticed that it had been dug up within the last few days, since Logan would have needed to dig up the coffin to remove John's body and replace it with Edgar Munsen's.
  • While Detective Halloran is wearing the laser collar, it is shown to be equipped with seven lasers (there is a point of view shot from inside the trap). However after the trap kills him, his head splits into eight sections instead of seven. Detective Halloran's head splitting into eight sections is correct. Seven lasers (seven cuts) produce eight sections.
  • The TV in one of the 2003 "Tuck's Pig Farm" games is a 2010 flat screen TV; which was not available in the early 2000s when the farm segment is set.
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