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Italian Studies

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From award-winning filmmaker Adam Leon, ITALIAN STUDIES is a lyrical film about dislocation, connection, and the elusive nature of identity. While visiting New York City from her native London, writer Alina Reynolds (Academy Award®-nominee Vanessa Kirby) inexplicably loses her memory and suddenly becomes unmoored and adrift on the streets of Manhattan with no sense of time or place — or even her own name. As Alina’s consciousness swings between imagined conversations, fragments of her own short stories and the bustling city around her, she finds an anchor in charismatic teenager Simon (Simon Brickner). Drawn to the lost woman, Simon soon introduces Alina to his free-spirited group of friends, and together they make their way through a disorienting cityscape full of life, beauty, and music.


  • Annika Wahlsten
  • Lars Wahlsten
  • Neil Comber
  • Misha Brooks
  • Samia Finnerty

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Jan 18, 2022

None of it adds up to much of a movie. Italian Studies is more an experimental collection of filmed conversations, filmed docu-drama style, interspersed with clips of a gorgeous blonde wandering New York. But because it stars Vanessa Kirby…

Metacritic review by Roger Moore
Roger Moore
Movie Nation
Jan 13, 2022

For a long stretch, Italian Studies turns this trip down memory-loss lane into a low-wattage livewire, an unpredictable stroll into the unknown. Its hero will slowly, eventually come back around to remembering her life before the reset. The movie itself, however, is unforgettable from the jump.

Metacritic review by David Fear
David Fear
Rolling Stone
Jan 10, 2022

During an amnesiac’s atmospheric nighttime ramble through Manhattan, the seeds of a narrative are sewn but never nurtured.

Metacritic review by Chris Barsanti
Chris Barsanti
Slant Magazine