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  • During the Thanksgiving dinner, Ellie has a red necklace appear and disappear multiple times.
  • When Pete and Lizzy wreck a kitchen, the glass pane of the top right cupboard door alternates between being broken and intact many times.
  • When Juan (Gustavo Escobar) drops a nail gun and literally shoots himself in the foot the film distorts reality. Although the scene correctly shows the need to retract the nose of the nail gun to shoot a nail, it incorrectly fails to account for the need to also pull the trigger of the nail gun to shoot a nail.
  • When we first meet Lizzy, her name tag has her name spelled as "Lizzie", but later in the film it is spelled as "Lizzy" when her height is measured on the wall.
  • When Pete is looking at the foster children website, most siblings appear together, but Juan, Lita, and Lizzy don't. Only Juan is shown on the website.
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