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Will, a young Hispanic gay potter, is one gregarious guy. His boss is terrible, but he's got a great boyfriend and a great job. Unfortunately, behind that veneer is a dark past of violence and mental illness that he is desperate to keep hidden. When his bipolar mother comes out of the woodwork after ten years of silence, he begins exhibiting unexplainable symptoms and spirals into an obsession, determined to solve this mystery of his own.


  • Zach Villa
  • Devon Graye
  • Madeline Zima

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Jul 29, 2022

When a movie doesn’t quite come together, it’s often tempting to say that something essential is missing. I’m not so sure that that’s true of “Hypochondriac,” a rather good psychodrama about repressed childhood trauma that’s also an underwhelming horror movie about mental illness.

Metacritic review by Simon Abrams
Simon Abrams
Jul 28, 2022

Its armchair psychology makes for queasy viewing, a conflation of diagnosis and damnation.

Metacritic review by Teo Bugbee
Teo Bugbee
The New York Times
Jul 22, 2022

The combination of gay protagonists, mental illness exploration, horror tropes, and surreal elements that gesture toward “Donnie Darko” make for an ambitious mix that holds attention, even if the uneven, somewhat muddled results are ultimately more effortful than insightful.

Metacritic review by Dennis Harvey
Dennis Harvey