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Quotes from Honey Boy

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    • James: How do you think it feels to have my son paying me? How do you think that feels?
    • [sadly]
    • Otis (12): You wouldn't be here if I didn't pay you.
    • [last lines]
    • Otis (22): I'm going to make a movie about you.
    • James: Make me look good, Honey Boy.
    • Craig: Man, I thought if God was real, he built me with a question that only I could answer.
    • James Lort: Found a program in jail. Found God in the program. Found page 429. It says:Those actions that once made you feel completely ashamed and totally discouraged will allow you to share with other people how to be a useful human being.
    • James Lort: And you got to lay the grudge down, or it's gonna fuckin' kill you.
    • James Lort: You know, a seed has to totally destroy itself to become a flower. That's a violent act, honey boy.
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