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  • Gregory Plotkin was attached to direct.
  • The Killer's mask was designed by Tony Gardner's Alterian, Inc., which also designed the Killer's mask for "Scream" and "Happy Death Day", the latter of which can be seen in the 'other's / killer's cupboard at end.
  • As promotional material for the film, the production team designed a walk thru haunted house experience to be visited by patrons of Six Flags amusement parks located in LA, St. Louis, and Chicago. The house is scheduled to be open on select dates during September 28 - October 31 2018.
  • Many of the characters walking around Hell Fest in the beginning are from Netherworld Haunted House in Georgia. Netherworld is in the top ten haunted attractions in the USA.
  • Most of the decorations used on set were borrowed from Six Flags Over Georgia's Fright Fest decorations.
  • The plot of this film is very similar to that of The Funhouse (1981). Both films also have similar tag lines. Hell Fest's is "Fun getting in. Hell getting out." The Funhouse's is "Pay to get in. Pray to get out."
  • The cast got together a few days before filming and stayed up all night watching horror movies.
  • Amy Forsyth and Bex Taylor-Klaus both auditioned for the role of Audrey Jensen in MTV's "Scream the TV Series". Amy was set to star, but ultimately the role was played by Bex.


  • Amy Forsyth appears in the second season of Channel Zero (2016) No End House in which she and a group of friends also visit a travelling Haunt. In both, only Amy's character and her best friend escape danger in the end.
  • Director Gregory Plotkin has a cameo as The Other, sitting in front of the passed out Natalie after the ride breaks down.
  • The killer, known as "The Other", tends to target young women with a similar appearance. Jodi (the victim from the opening), Britney (the victim from Deform School) and Natalie all bear a resemblance to each other, with long dark hair and similar body types, suggesting The Other might have a pattern.
  • BODY COUNT: 6 (Jodi, Britney, Gavin, Asher, Taylor, Quinn).
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