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  • The gang gets VIP bracelets when they enter Hell Fest, meaning they don't have to wait in line. Later, after Gavin gets separated from the rest, the others convince Natalie he'll catch up to them in line for the next ride, even though they're supposed to be able to go around queues with their VIP band. Then, when actually reaching the next ride, they're still surprised there's a line for the VIP access.
  • At the end of the movie, a television reporter says four people have died in the incident at Hell Fest. In reality, at least one other person is seen being murdered.
  • When The Other goes into The Hell labyrinth, he picks a real ax. Lately the girls verify that every device into the labyrinth is fake. It is irresponsible to include a real ax in any fair stall. No insurance company would cover such a negligence.
  • When Gavin goes back to try and get a prize for Natalie, he gets a text urging him to hurry up. He shakes his head and says "Asher," but the text screen shows that the text supposedly came from Natalie.
  • After Taylor and Quinn are murdered when Brooke and Natalie are trying to escape from the killer, they are looking for an exit from the park. Brooke and Natalie run into the entrance to Hell, because Brooke says it might be an exit. The front is clearly an entrance to an attraction, so there is no way anyone would have thought it would have been an exit from the park.


  • When Asher is looking at the dead body pile,he turns around to shine the light on the Other and you can clearly see his eyes...but..when the Other is killing Asher, you can clearly see he has black mesh covering the eye holes.
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