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  • Together trailer
  • Darkest hour trailer
  • Activities trailer
  • Trailer for the 6th film in this classic fantasy series
  • Trailer for the sixth film installment of the Harry Potter series
  • Challenge trailer
  • Battle has begun trailer
  • Home video trailer
  • Mission trailer
  • Fourth trailer for the sixth installment in this popular film series
  • Answers trailer
  • The plans trailer


  • Clip: I killed Sirius Black
  • Clip I know what you did Malfoy
  • Interview: Emma Watson "On Hermione's feelings for Ron"
  • Clip: But I am the chosen one
  • Clip: Would you mind introducing me to your friend Granger?
  • Interview: Rupert Grint "On his girlfriend"
  • Interview: Jim Broadbent "On his character"
  • Interview: Daniel Radcliffe "On the storyline"
  • Interview: Helena Bonham Carter "On Bellatrix antics"
  • Clip: I'd like you to see it
  • Clip: Who's the Half-Blood Prince?
  • Interview: Bonnie Wright "On her friendship with Harry"
  • Clip: Is that what you told?
  • Clip: He's not that old
  • Clip: I'm in love with her