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    • Varun Batra: What's your password ?
    • Deepti Batra: 00... .
    • Varun Batra: Yes... .
    • Deepti Batra: 0000
    • Varun Batra: What an innovative password !
    • [watching Honey Batra laugh]
    • Varun Batra: His laugh makes my whole body shake with disgust. I am dying to punch him.
    • [looking at Honey Batra and Monika Batra with disdain]
    • Varun Batra: What excuse do they have to extend their family line ? They should have just adopted some cats and dogs instead.
    • Varun Batra: Are you kidding me ? You mean to say that my wife has the sperm of this
    • [pointing towards Honey Batra]
    • Varun Batra: Donkey inside her ?
    • Honey Batra: By the way Madam...... GOD prescribed these medicines but we couldn't really understand what he has written.
    • [handing over the prescription]
    • Honey Batra: Here you go.
    • IVF receptionist: Prescription is on the front side.
    • [pointing towards the scribbling done on the back side]
    • IVF receptionist: The Doctor was just checking his pen on the back side.
    • Honey Batra: Amazing ! GOD's handwriting is the same on both sides !
    • Receptionist: Take this bottle. Please sit in the waiting area.
    • Varun Batra: Madam, could you please put it in a plastic bag ?
    • Receptionist: Sir, plastic is banned.
    • [pointing towards the plastic bottle]
    • Varun Batra: So is this made of iron ?
    • Varun Batra: Excuse me !
    • Receptionist: Yes sir ?
    • Varun Batra: I have an appointment.
    • Receptionist: For what, sir ?
    • [says quietly]
    • Varun Batra: I have to give a sample.
    • Receptionist: Sorry sir. What do you have an appointment for ?
    • Varun Batra: Please check my name in your system. That will give you all the information.
    • Receptionist: Oh... are here to give a semen sample ! Don't feel embarrassed sir, they are all here for the same reason.
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