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  • TMZ leaked photos of a stand in for Keith L. Williams wearing blackface makeup during production. Producer Seth Rogen stated "As soon as I was made aware of it, I ensured we put an end to it - and I give my word that on any project my team and I are involved in, we will take every precaution to make sure something similar does not take place again."
  • The film received an R rating for strong crude sexual content, drug and alcohol material, and language - all involving tweens. This marked the first time an R rating had been given with the description "all involving tweens."
  • Will Forte, Jacob Tremblay, and Keith L. Williams all previously worked in The Last Man on Earth (2015).
  • Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg co-directed the movie together but ultimately, the former received directing credit.
  • In the opening Point Grey logo, one of the things written on a school desk is "Thor=Sippy Cup," which later becomes the film's plot point.
  • While he doesn't appear in the film itself, producer Seth Rogen plays himself in a short skit introducing the official red band trailer (intended for adult audiences only), where he tells the three leads they're too young to watch the trailer.
  • The scene at the mall is the same place where The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) was filmed and the same electronics store was used in one scene when they were getting a new Drone.
  • In every scene of Atticus he is always wearing a different "Obey" skate brand t-shirt.
  • The brand name of the beer Thor shoplifts is "Generisch," which is German for "Generic."
  • There are a few major similarities between this movie and Booksmart (2019) - also released in 2019. Both coming of age school themed movies feature outcast students trying to make It to a cool kids party. They also feature Will Forte as the protagonist's father, and Molly Gordon as one of the primary antagonists. Also, both movies and their respective trailers heavily feature the song "Nobody Speak" by DJ Shadow.
  • Retta (Lucas' Mom) is one of the stars of the similarly titled Good Girls (2018).
  • The boys attend John Adams Middle School (abbreviated in the film as 'JAMS') and located in Illinois. Film makers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg also wrote "Bad Teacher (2011)" in which the lead character teaches at John Adams Middle School - also abbreviated 'JAMS' and set in Illinois.
  • Both Brady Noon and Josh Caras starred in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. They shared no scenes together.


  • The bonus features show an alternate ending where Lucas, instead of Max, says the line about it being cool how Thor "stabbed that pimp" in the play and Thor says Mr. K. said that was exactly "how that happened". This made Jacob Tremblay start laughing offscreen. Other than that, the endings are the same.
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