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  • You can see the wires leading from the planes as they attack Gojira.
  • As the monster lumbers through Tokyo, the emergency officials are shown evacuating their office just before the building is wrecked by Gojira. After the office has been destroyed, a shot shows the monster's tail outside the wrecked building, and the wires holding up the tail are plainly visible.
  • When the jets attack Gojira as he's walking out to sea after destroying Tokyo, the rockets they fire at the monster can be seen bouncing off the sky backdrop.
  • The scene where the mom is in the corner of the building with her daughters, telling them they'd be seeing Daddy really soon, when the camera tracks in, you can see its shadow cast on them.
  • When the people are running down the alleyway, and Gojira walks by, you can see two people run out into the front, look at the camera, and really quickly lean up against the wall.
  • The buildings attacked by Godzilla in the model shots, from the way they "slide" on their bases and explode upwards in one whole piece, do not appear to have any foundations (or, indeed, to be fixed to the ground in any way at all).
  • When the Yemane's arrive on Odo Island, Emiko is wearing a skirt and Doctor Yemane is wearing a suit and a tie. However, a few minutes later Emiko is wearing slacks and Doctor Yemane's tie is gone.
  • In one shot, the Godzilla suit actually catches fire due to the pyrotechnics. Before the scene cuts, you can see the actor inside the suit waving his arm around, trying to put out the fire.
  • When Ogata picks up Emiko on the mountain after she's fallen while running away from Gojira, the monster isn't visible on the hill above, even though he's supposed to be directly behind them.
  • At the meeting of officials after the scientific party's return from Odo Island, Dr. Yamane shows what he calls a photograph of Gojira. First, though it's supposed to have been taken by the party while on the path up the mountain, from its angle the photo could not have been taken by anyone standing on the island, only from the air. Second, it's obviously a painting, not a photo. Third, the face and head of the monster in the "photo" do not at all look like the monster's actual face or head.
  • When the second fire engine crashes, the model turns on its side and very obviously falls off the table on which it was being filmed. There is nothing depicted on screen from which it could have fallen off.
  • Trilobites didn't live in the Jurassic Period. They lived from the Cambrian (540 mya) to the Permian Period (250 mya).
  • It's nine years after the dropping of atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the "authorities" cannot recognize radiation burns.
  • After Ogata and Serizawa argue in the lab, the TV begins showing the destruction wrought by the monster and schoolchildren singing. But no one turned on the TV in the first place.
  • Several characters, including, Dr. Yamane, Japan's leading paleontologist, insist that the Jurassic Age was 2 million years ago. This is off by 142 million years.
  • Godzilla in his closeups is a hand-controlled puppet that looks different from the full-body suit. It has different eyes, more prominent spikes on its head, and the arms are much, much smaller.
  • When Godzilla bites the TV tower, the structure begins to bend. In the very next shot, as the TV tower is falling, it is completely straight.
  • When the fire truck "Crashes" (falls off the table), it has thick cables connected to its undercarriage.
  • A machine or device to "destroy the (free) oxygen" in water (since H2O is 88% oxygen by volume) would just leave its marine inhabitants sufficated - not skeletonized. And since Godzilla can breathe in air as well as water, all he'd have to do is hold his breath and surface. With unfortunate consequences for the ship above . . .
  • When the first fact-finding crew helicopters out to Odo Island, they get out in a Sikorsky H-19. But when the storm hits, the cheap toy helicopter that's destroyed is a Sikorsky H-34.
  • How did the first fact-finding mission get BACK to Tokyo with their transportation - and presumably their radio - destroyed? The local island fishing boats couldn't even reach Kyushu.
  • When the woman witnessing Godzilla destroying is holding on to her three children, she says they will be joining her husband soon. She is referring to her husband who was killed in WWII. The youngest child is still a baby while the eldest is 6 years old. The war ended in 1945 so they would all have to be at least nine years old or older if their father died in WWII.
  • When Godzilla bites the tower, the tower bends in areas he is not biting on and before he even bites it.


  • When Serizawa demonstrates the oxygen destroyer to Emiko in his lab, he switches on a machine that lights up before the device is used. But when he uses it against Gojira in Tokyo Bay, he just releases the "destroyer" without having to use any equipment to make the device work.
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