Fright Night (1985)

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When a teenager learns that his next door neighbour is a vampire, no one will believe him.


  • Chris Sarandon
  • William Ragsdale
  • Amanda Bearse
  • Roddy McDowall
  • Stephen Geoffreys
  • Jonathan Stark
  • Dorothy Fielding
  • Art Evans
  • Stewart Stern
  • Nick Savage

Did You Know?


  • Tom Holland had total control in the casting decisions. The only suggestion he got was from Guy McElwaine who asked Holland to meet his friend Roddy McDowall, who'd be cast. In an interview Holland said that "it was a terrific suggestion".
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  • When Peter Vincent knocks on Jerry's door, Billy Cole answers it. While Peter's arm is still raised to continue knocking, Billy offers his hand to Peter. Peter lowers his hand, yet in the next shot it is back up in the knocking position.
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    • [Evil Ed asks Charley if Amy found out what he's really like]
    • Evil Ed: So, did she find out what you're really like?
    • Charley Brewster: Get lost, EVIL!
    • Evil Ed: Oh, call me anything you want. Only you're the one failing trig, not me.
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Fright Night is not a distinguished movie, but it has a lot of fun being undistinguished.

Metacritic review by Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times

Fright Night is pleasantly, if effortlessly, well-acted and gently scripted. And when the ghoulish special effects and wry comedy aren't on screen, there's the occasional in-joke for viewer distraction. [06 Aug 1985, p.4C]

Metacritic review by Sid Smith
Sid Smith
Chicago Tribune