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  • Gillian Jacobs auditioned for the role of Mia but lost to Lily Collins. Collins later dropped out and was replaced by Jane Levy.
  • Jurnee Smollett-Bell auditioned for the role of Olivia.
  • Agnes Bruckner and Thora Birch auditioned for the role of Natalie.
  • If you take the first letters of the main characters David, Eric, Mia, Olivia and Natalie, the letters spell out DEMON.
  • The film primarily used practical special effects, much like the original film. However, CGI was used to add fire, & remove wires and equipment used for the effects. Many fans of the series feared that since this was a remake, it would resort to CGI rather than practical effects, and this caused some people to avoid the film. Since that is not the case, many fans are thankful for the choice the filmmakers had made.
  • Fede Alvarez pitched the film as the audience watching something they are not supposed to watch.
  • In one scene there are cards spread out on the table. The cards are laid out in the order that Cheryl reads them in the original The Evil Dead (1981).
  • When the broken necklace is found outside of the cabin, it can be seen resting in the shape of a skull, just like in the original The Evil Dead (1981).
  • Mia can be seen wearing a Michigan State sweatshirt. In the original version, the main character also wears a Michigan State sweatshirt in the opening scene. This is also a homage to original series director Sam Raimi, who is from Michigan.
  • Diablo Cody polished and "Americanized" the screenplay while remaining uncredited.
  • The famous "We're gonna get you" scene (shown in the original cut and this film's trailer) didn't make it in to the theatrical cut.
  • In one of the first scenes within the cabin, a Uruguayan soccer team flag, of which the director Fede Alvarez is a fan, can partly be seen on top of a table.
  • The illustration of the Abomination in the Naturom Demonto is based on the poster artwork for the original film The Evil Dead (1981).
  • According to reports in the press, the film used 70,000 gallons of fake blood. In an interview, Fede Alvarez said they used 50,000 gallons for the final scene alone. This is compared to the 200-300 gallons used in the original.
  • Many of the clips shown in the preceding trailers were either not used in the actual movie or were altered in the film.
  • The film was banned in Ukraine for its extreme violence.
  • In the opening sequence, the petrol that Harold pours over the girl was actually apple juice.
  • During an interview in April 2013, director Fede Alvarez stated that there would be an extended version "at some point". The extended cut was aired on British television for one day in January 2015 before being pulled from TV stations.
  • Mia and David's last name is Allen.
  • When Olivia chastises Eric for his attitude towards David's past absence in Mia's life, stating "He's here now," Eric responds with a deadpan "Yeah... Truly amazing." This is one of Ash's lines from the first The Evil Dead (1981).
  • Jane Levy's first major horror role.
  • In 2015, Channel 4 (UK) Premiered the movie on terrestrial TV. Channel 4 showed an alternate cut of the film, running an extra 4m 10s. It is not known where this cut came from, but it is assumed that StudioCanal provided the alternate print in error to Channel 4.
  • This film was originally rated NC-17 until it was toned down to an R rating. According to the director, he and Sam Raimi were always willing to keep the NC-17 rating since the original film has it; however, the studio required that it have an R rating in order to have a wide release.
  • Some of the cast have three hour makeup sessions and then another hour or more to get out of it.
  • This movie was shot over 3 months. They started on April 11th and they went until July 12th.
  • During pre-production and during every meeting, they always planned for a hard R. The studio never said pull back until the MPAA rated the film NC-17.
  • 95% of the remake was shot in order. They did this because a lot of the film takes place in a controlled environment and the level of blood and violence gets worse and worse as the film progresses. By shooting in order, they can throw blood on the walls and not worry it will mess up another shot where it needed to be clean.
  • When producer Rob Tapert suggested the possibility of an 'Evil Dead' remake to Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, Raimi responded the most favorably, whereas Campbell was the least enthusiastic of the three. Raimi thought that The Evil Dead (1981) was exactly the sort of film that could be successfully updated and re-imagined by a new generation of filmmakers, while Campbell was not happy to pass on his iconic role of Ash. He relented when he heard that the film would feature a new set of characters, and the role of Ash would not be re-cast.
  • Director Fede Alvarez got the job of writing and directing the remake on the strength of his 5-minute short Panic Attack (2009), which had become a YouTube hit by word of mouth.
  • The third Evil Dead film to use the iconic chainsaw and double-barrel shotgun (a.k.a Boomstick).
  • The "you are all going to die tonight" scene has an overlay during Mia's screaming of the "one by one we will take you" demonic voice from the original film which is one of the directors many nods to the original.
  • The first Evil Dead movie not to be directed by Sam Raimi, feature Bruce Campbell and have music composed by Joseph LoDuca. Campbell does ultimately appear in a post-credits scene.
  • Shot in New Zealand over a period of a month. This was in addition to another 40 days of filming in the States.
  • Although he has a background in CGI, director Fede Alvarez chose to go with practical effects for the film's visuals, mainly out of tribute to what Sam Raimi achieved on a very limited budget back in 1982.
  • Lou Taylor Pucci wanted to wear old style glasses and long hair as a tribute to the early 1980s when the original film was made.
  • The rusted Oldsmobile seen in the film is NOT a 1973 Delta 88 (AKA Sam Raimi's personal car) like many fans have stated, but a 1974 Delta 88. According to car enthusiast Jerry Garret: "A 1973 Olds Delta 88 had a hood that curled down over the front of the car. Under it, two low, long and wide 'waterfall' grille sections were placed either side of a 'nose', festooned with an Oldsmobile logo, about six inches wide. The front bumper ran in a clean, unbroken line across the front of the car. In the 'Evil Dead' (2013), the grille sections of the rotting Olds in the woods are placed much farther apart from the nose. They are more upright and square. In fact, they begin to wrap up over the hood line. And the front bumper of the car in the remake has two bumper guards, while Raimi's did not. See also the chrome 'Oldsmobile' script on the left grille panel; not there in a '73". A possible reason for this stand-in for Raimi's original is Raimi could have been using the chassis for a wagon in Oz: The Great And Powerful, which was filming around the same time as Evil Dead.
  • Before they moved on to make Ash vs Evil Dead (2015), Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell confirmed that this film is set in the same continuity as the original trilogy and their plan was to make Army of Darkness 2, a sequel to this film starring Mia, and one final film with Ash and Mia teaming up to fight Deadites. Since Universal Studios passed on Army of Darkness 2, with Ash's adventures now being told in Ash vs. Evil Dead, and the sequel to this film appearing to have been shelved, it is doubtful that this team-up will ever happen.
  • Back when the remake of the original film was in development in 2003, Ashton Kutcher and Marlon Wayans were considered for the role of Ash Williams.
  • Every girl in this film leading the cast is a scream queen. Jane Levy gained more recognition with Fede Alvarez's next film Don't Breathe (2016), Elizabeth Blackmore is best known for The Vampire Diaries (2009), and Jessica Lucas has previously appeared in The Covenant (2006), Cloverfield (2008), Amusement (2008).
  • If you pause the opening witch burning scene "his daughter" if you pause at 2:25 over the burning possessed girls right shoulder you see the face of an angry demon in the flames.
  • First and only film in the Evil Dead franchise to be over 90 minutes (one and a half hours).
  • Back when the remake was in development with Ash in the lead, Ashton Kutcher and Marlon Wayans were in consideration for the part.
  • This is the first Evil Dead film to be shot digitally and for the widescreen 2.39:1 aspect ratio.
  • Chan-wook Park turned down an offer to direct.


  • After the credits, You can see a silhouette of a man looking off to the side. He then says, "Groovy", and breaks the fourth wall by looking at the audience. This man is Bruce Campbell from the original The Evil Dead (1981). Many hardcore-fans have viewed this scene as his official seal of approval for the movie.
  • In this film Mia and David are brother and sister, and, after being the first person possessed, Mia ends up locked in the cellar. In the original The Evil Dead (1981), Ash and Cheryl are brother and sister, and Cheryl is also the first person possessed, who ultimately ends up locked in the cellar.
  • David ventures down into the cellar to reclaim Mia from the clutches of the evil dead, in an homage to Ash's first encounter with a deadite in Army of Darkness (1992). The cellar is partially flooded and it's all round gloominess mirrors the well Ash fights in. Mia also appears to launch herself at David in quick, savage bursts much like how the female deadite lunges at Ash.
  • When Eric is first reading through the Book of the Dead there is a picture of a severed hand with it's middle finger extended (flipping the bird), this is a clear reference to Evil Dead II (1987) where Ash is forced to cut his own hand off when it becomes possessed by the evil dead. The hand then taunts Ash with this gesture as he attempts to shoot it.
  • At the end of the film, towards the end of the credits, you can hear a man talking about his experience of having opened and read the spell in the Book of the Dead. This exact track is from the cassette recording in the original film The Evil Dead (1981), when the book is first found along with a cassette player.
  • There are two situations in this film similar to Ash removing his hand in the original, first when Natalie cuts off her arm to prevent her possession and when Mia rips hers off (to top it off she shoves her arm in the handle of the chainsaw to kill the demon).
  • This film answers one of the most long debated questions of the original trilogy as to whether Evil Dead 2 is a remake or a sequel. When Eric attempts to destroy the book, he realises that the book doesn't burn. If this film follows the same continuity logic as the original, it would mean that when Ash burnt the original necronomicon, he did not destroy it, he merely thought he did.
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