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  • The windows in a clean room/house would normally be double glazed and soundproofed. There were no signs of an intercom, so Eli and Haley would not have been able to hear each other at all.
  • The clean house is not a very well built or maintained clean house because, as we find out at the end of the movie, it didn't need to be as Eli did not suffer from any immune disorder limiting his ability to be exposed to the natural environment. It was only constructed as a facade to convince Eli and the other children to go along with the 'treatments'.
  • A beer bottle is smashed on the rear window of the car leaving the hotel. In the next shot the rear window is perfectly clean.
  • During Eli's first treatment Dr. Horn makes an incision along the side of Eli's thigh, requiring the bone bunch to go in parallel to the table, yet Dr. Horn pushes the punch directly down perpendicular to the table and Eli's body.


  • The clean house that Eli and his parents end up at is full of items that would never be allowed in this type of environment, such as natural wood throughout the house, leather lounges etc. Also despite going through some kind of air decontamination, his parents enter the house still in their street clothes, makeup, uncovered hair/beard, shoes, which would be contrary to the purposes of being there. However, as we learn at the end of the movie, the clean house isn't a real clean house but merely a facade constructed to make the children go along with their so-called treatment.
  • When Eli first meets Haley, he wipes away condensation from several windows to see her clearly, indicating that the humidity levels are too high which is a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause the onset of corrosion within the house. Also, the windows in a clean room/house would normally be double glazed and soundproofed. However, as we learn later in the movie, this institution isn't a real clean house.
  • Several times throughout the movie, Eli shows symptoms of his supposed illness even though the final scenes reveal that he's not really sick. Eli's "allergic reactions" are indeed not a disease, but a manifestation of his emerging powers.
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