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Dune (1984)

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A Duke's son leads desert warriors against the galactic emperor and his father's evil nemesis when they assassinate his father and free their desert world from the emperor's rule.


  • Kyle MacLachlan
  • Sting
  • Francesca Annis
  • Leonardo Cimino
  • Brad Dourif
  • Jose Ferrer
  • Linda Hunt
  • Freddie Jones
  • Richard Jordan
  • Virginia Madsen

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When Dune is not inept, confusing, ridiculous or unpleasant, it's boring. [14 Dec 1984]

Metacritic review by Jay Scott
Jay Scott
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

The entire film seems to be the book’s narrative highlights strung together but rarely spotlights any of the themes or subtext from the book (if there are any). I don’t think this David Lynch film is Lynchian in any way. To me, Dune is a straightforward adventure with very little depth or character motivation outside the genre’s tropes.

Metacritic review by Alan Ng
Alan Ng
Film Threat