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  • While Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man" is playing in the front yard a shot of the phonograph shows an LP with the Atlantic Records label. Atlantic has never released a Donovan album or compilation.
  • Frank had his cell phone before and after the drug arrest at the gas station, where he asked the drug runner for payphone change. It is not explained why he didn't simply use his own cell phone.
  • At the beginning of Day 1, there is a montage while Frank and Nancy drive home. The shots include street signs at famous corners in New York City. One shot is of an abandoned Blockbuster Video store, but the sign for inquiries to let the space has a British telephone number, indicating this storefront is actually in England, not New York.
  • The movie is set in September (as evidenced by the epilogue being on Thanksgiving "two months later"), but a large snowfall takes place during the course of the week, meaning it was filmed in winter.
  • New York is shown to have a large snow storm, including in the neighborhood, yet the front yard and yard sale items have no snow or wetness to them.
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