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Dragged Across Concrete

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DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE follows two police detectives who find themselves suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics is leaked to the media. With little money and no options, the embittered policemen descend into the criminal underworld and find more than they wanted waiting in the shadows.


  • Mel Gibson
  • Vince Vaughn
  • Tory Kittles
  • Michael Jai White
  • Thomas Kretschmann
  • Jennifer Carpenter
  • Laurie Holden
  • Don Johnson
  • Udo Kier
  • Fred Melamed

Did You Know?


  • Mel Gibson previously directed Vince Vaughn in Hacksaw Ridge (2016). Vaughn's role in Ridge, was originally supposed to be played by Gibson before handing it over.
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  • When we first see the getaway car near the end, it's a white Chevrolet Tahoe. In the next scene it's inexplicably a white Dodge Durango. Then it goes back to being a white Chevrolet Tahoe again.
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    • Anthony Lurasetti: I'm not racist. Every Martin Luther King Day, I order a cup of dark roast.
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Atom User Reviews

4.5 out of 5


Apr 3, 2019

S. Craig Zahler's controversial movie about a pair of racist cops gone rogue has more bark than bite—and that’s telling.

K. Austin Collins
Vanity Fair
Sep 3, 2018

Anyone expecting a progression in Zahler’s work may be disappointed, as the amusingly mannered dialogue starts to feel self-conscious and forced, as does the fatalism.

Metacritic review by Demetrios Matheou
Demetrios Matheou
Screen International
Sep 3, 2018

The insanely self-indulgent running time of two hours and 40 minutes and the tendency to undercut tension with fussy dialogue that continually draws attention to its cleverness make Zahler’s third feature a lot less fun than it seems to think it is.

Metacritic review by David Rooney
David Rooney
The Hollywood Reporter