Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Movie Poster

Photos & Videos for Dr. Seuss' The Lorax


  • TV Spot: Announcement - Mini Movie


  • Clip: The Once-ler Asks Ted Why He's So Interested In Trees
  • Clip: The Lorax Explains The Card Game To The Once-ler
  • Featurette: Zac Efron On Ted
  • Clip: The Lorax Revives The Once-ler By The River
  • Clip: Grammy Tricks Mom So She Can Tell Ted About The Once-ler
  • Clip: The Once-lers Family Arrives In The Forest
  • Clip: The Once-ler Discovers The Truffula Forest
  • Featurette: Danny Devito
  • Featurette: A Look Inside
  • Clip: Ted Shows Audrey The Truffula Seed
  • Clip: The Lorax And The Animals Surprise The Once-ler At His House