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  • Eddie Murphy and Cheryl Francis Harrington previously co-starred in The PJs (1999).
  • This is the first film by Craig Brewer to not be written by him, as well as his first produced by Netflix.
  • This is Eddie Murphy's first R-rated film since Life (1999).
  • Keegan-Michael Key was a huge fan of Rudy Ray Moore before getting cast in this film. While working on The Predator (2018), the other cast members would come to his trailer to watch Moore's films.
  • It's not mentioned, but Nicholas Josef von Sternberg, the 23-year-old Director of Photography for Dolemite (1975), is the son of director Josef von Sternberg.
  • Rudy Ray Moore claims to "have worked" with Redd Foxx, whose comedy routine is featured in this film. Eddie Murphy worked with Foxx three decades earlier for Harlem Nights (1989), his directorial debut.
  • As Rico enters Dolphins record store, he says, "I was born in a barrel of butcher knives/Shot in the ass with 2 Colt .45s.." That monologue would be the basis for Rudy Ray Moore's duet with rapper Big Daddy Kane on the track "Big Daddy vs. Dolemite", as featured in Kane's 1990 album "Taste of Chocolate".
  • Eddie Murphy , 58, plays Rudy Ray Moore, who was 47 when Dolemite (1975) was filmed. Wesley Snipes, 57, plays D'Urville Martin, who was 35 when he directed and acted in the film.
  • When Jerry Jones and Rudy Ray Moore are starting to write the script for Dolemite (1975), Moore starts running down a laundry list of what he wants to put in the film (from kung-fu fights to an exorcism). When Jones gets exasperated and questions the exorcism scene, Moore realizes that he has gone "too far" with his ideas, and suggests "putting the devil in another movie." This is an inside reference to the future Moore film Petey Wheatstraw (1977).
  • Although the film is about the making of Dolemite (1975), Rudy Ray Moore's first film, numerous Easter eggs reference Moore's later movies. The police car chase, Dolemite fleeing the house ("Bitch, are you for real?!"), the exploding car, and the sex scene are actually from The Human Tornado (1976). Moore repeatedly saying ,"Put your weight on it!", and the main character in the play vowing to take revenge against a drug dealer, are references to Disco Godfather (1979).
  • Most vintage Rudy Ray Moore movie scenes are recreated in their entirety with modern actors. However, in the house escape scene ("Bitch, are you for real?!") from The Human Tornado (1976), only the close-up shots of Moore were replaced, so Eddie Murphy appears to interact with the original supporting cast.
  • Lawrence Woolner explains that Dimension International has two "sweet spots": "redneck pictures" and blaxploitation films. Dolemite faces off against rednecks in The Human Tornado (1976).
  • Snoop Dogg appeared in Snoop Doggy Dogg: Doggy Dogg World (1994), which featured Rudy Ray Moore.
  • Eddie Murphy is a huge fan of Wesley Snipes, and this movie is the first time the two of them worked together.
  • Dedicated to Eddie Murphy's brother, Charlie.
  • Rudy first shows his movie in Indianapolis. Mike Epps was born and raised in Indianapolis, and got his high school diploma from Arsenal Tech High School in 2016. He was also an ambassador for Super Bowl XLVI when Indianapolis hosted it.
  • D'Urville Martin really appeared in Rosemary's Baby (1968). He played an elevator operator, the only African-American character. He appeared in two scenes, with one on-camera line of dialogue.


  • Wesley Snipes encourages Eddie Murphy to "use it" when he's acting in a scene. In Blade: Trinity (2004), Blade tells Jessica Biel's character to "use it" after Natasha Lyonne's character dies.
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