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  • When Dan returns to the room his family stayed in at the Overlook, he sees the bathroom door Jack hacked open with the axe and puts his face in the axed open panel, recreating the iconic "Here's Johnny" shot. However, in The Shining, Jack was shown to have hacked both upper panels open to try and get to Wendy, not just the one.
  • When Dan and Abra are getting gas towards the end of the movie, the pump style he is using has a lever that must be moved in front of the opening for the spigot of the dispenser for it to activate. There is no lever there as her pumps, yet he is able to pump gas anyway.
  • The Overlook is surprisingly undamaged despite being abandoned for years. No graffiti, no broken windows, and it is remarkably clean.
  • The reason for Jack Torrance and his family to be in the Overlook hotel in the original film is that during winter a caretaker is needed because nobody can get to the hotel due to the weather and it is too expensive to plow the mountain roads. However, in this film Danny Torrance can take a normal car and drive to the abandoned hotel during winter time without issues.
  • Around 02:48:12 (Director's cut version), Abra is putting her hand on Dan's wrist. On the next shot, her hand is on Dan's hand. And so on...


  • Bringing in the ending from the novel The Shining into this story brings up a problem with The Shining (1980). The hotel is destroyed because Danny didn't release the steam from the boilers. In the original novel, Jack had to release the steam every day to avoid an explosion but when he became possessed he forgot thus why the book Doctor Sleep has the hotel destroyed. The first movie never brought up this aspect, which is why the hotel remains. But in this film the hotel blows after the boilers go for just a little while. If they were so quick to blow who turned them off when Wendy and Danny escaped in the first film? They left immediately after Danny escaped the maze with no time to turn them off. It makes no sense for Jack to turn them off before beginning his murder spree. The ghosts couldn't turn them off, shown in the novel and miniseries, and if they could they would have done so.
  • Despite the fact that The Overlook Hotel has allegedly been abandoned for years, the power and the the gas are still working.
  • The rifle that Dan uses to shoot Snakebite Andi is a .45-70. If she had really been struck in the upper arm by one of its rounds, it would have essentially severed the arm below the impact point. She certainly wouldn't have been walking around holding it.
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