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Goofs from Daddy Day Camp

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  • On the first day of pick up, the wiper on the passenger side of the bus is broken in one scene and fixed in the next. The wiper alternates from broken to fixed between several shots.
  • The first day, Buck takes a group of children, including Juliette, into a wood trip. At the same time, the other children have a rumble. Juliette clearly appears in a rumble shot. A few minutes later, Buck and his group of children return to the camp, including Juliette, in the same clothes as the rumble scene.
  • The school bus is supposed to be full when it hits the bathroom, but there are clearly no children on it.
  • A boy tells a girl he is a level 40 Blood Elf Druid in World of Warcraft (2004). Only taurens and night elves can be druids.
  • Buck is a USMC colonel. When he is shown in uniform while waiting for the train his cap has a plain leather brim. Field grade officers (major and above) have embroidered "scrambled eggs" on the brim.
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