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  • The origin of the movie came when Ant Timpson's father passed away, his father's partner thought it was best to bring him home after embalmment as a way to spend time with the grieving family, which the week was spent with the corpse in an open coffin. Then, people that he didn't know came to pay their respects to his father, sharing stories of a man that does not seem like his father.
  • The films that influence the film; and Ant's reasoning for them, are Snowball Express (1972) ("for the cat & mouse twists"), Sexy Beast (2000) ("for the jarring lead antagonist and turns from comedy to violence"), The Servant (1963) ("for the mindgames with those we're inavoidably [sic] linked with"), The Birthday Party (1968) ("for the pitch-black comedy of menace") and Sam Peckinpah's 1971 masterpiece Straw Dogs (1971) ("for the simmering violence awakened in the lead")
  • Both Ant Timpson and Elijah Wood injured themselves during filming that for awhile, Ant had to continue directing while sitting on a chair with a microphone given by the sound department along with speakers put on the camera.
  • 'Come to Daddy' is also the name of a song by Aphex Twin. While this song isn't part of the movie's soundtrack, another song by Aphex Twin, 'Avril 14th', plays towards the end of the movie.


  • When it came time to cut the film, Timpson's desire for a "simple, linear narrative" made editor Dan Kircher's job a little easier - and a lot more fun.
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