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Quotes from Christine (1983)

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    • [Last line of the film]
    • Leigh Cabot: God, I hate rock and roll.
    • Will Darnell: Ya know Pepper, ya can't polish a turd.
    • Arnie Cunningham: Okay... show me.
    • Arnie Cunningham: Whoa, whoa. You better watch what you say about my car. She's real sensitive.
    • Bemis: She smiled at me. I want to have deep, meaningful sex with her.
    • Arnie Cunningham: Has it ever occurred to you that part of being a parent is tryin' to kill your kids?
    • Buddy Repperton: Some shithead's following me!
    • [commenting on the altercation with Repperton]
    • Arnie Cunningham: All in all, it wasn't a bad first day.
    • Will Darnell: Good hands... Bad taste in cars.
    • [Christine won't start]
    • Arnie Cunningham: Come on.
    • [Christine still won't start]
    • Arnie Cunningham: Come on, Christine.
    • [Christine still won't start]
    • Arnie Cunningham: Come on, baby, please. It's all right. Everything is the same.
    • [Christine starts and the radio comes on]
    • [smiles]
    • Arnie Cunningham: Okay.
    • [after Leigh hits Christine's cushions in anger]
    • Arnie Cunningham: No, no. Don't do that.
    • Leigh Cabot: What? You don't like me slapping your girl?
    • Dennis Guilder: Do you like music?
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