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Quotes from Child's Play

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    • Chucky: Goodnight, Andy.
    • Andy Barclay: Something is wrong with Chucky.
    • [about to stab and mutilate Shane]
    • Chucky: This is for Tupac.
    • [mockingly repeating what Gabe said earlier to him]
    • Chucky: Let's open you up, and see what's on the inside.
    • [repeated line]
    • [in a sing song voice]
    • Chucky: If they don't let us play, they all go away.
    • Chucky: What's my name?
    • Andy Barclay: Han Solo.
    • Chucky: Did you say Chucky?
    • Andy Barclay: What? No. Not even close.
    • Chucky: Chucky.
    • [pauses]
    • Chucky: I like that name... Chucky
    • Andy Barclay: Go away.
    • Chucky: That's no way to treat your best friend.
    • Andy Barclay: We're not friends.
    • Chucky: I'm sorry to hear that... because if I can't be your best friend, nobody can.
    • [beat]
    • Chucky: You said it yourself. "Everybody leaves you."
    • Andy Barclay: What did you say?
    • Chucky: You'll see.
    • [Shooting Chucky]
    • Detective Mike Norris: This is the end
    • [standing over Andy]
    • Chucky: I was broken, but now I'm all better
    • [scratching Andy with a knife]
    • Chucky: Maybe you're the one that's broken, maybe I should open you up... see what's wrong
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