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Casanova, Last Love

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London, 18th century. Casanova, famous for his affinities for sexual pleasure and gambling, arrives recently exiled from Paris. Living in a new city completely foreign to him, Casanova meets the beautiful young prostitute, Marianne de Charpillon. He becomes enamored with her to the point where he loses interest in all other women. The legendary lover is willing to do anything to seduce her, but Charpillon has other plans and refutes his advances. With her challenges to Casanova: "You will only have me if you stop desiring me!," he must adopt a new philosophy to achieve the love he so desires. Told in flashbacks, the film exposes Casanova's lifelong secret that Charpillon was the one true love of his life.


  • Vincent Lindon
  • Stacy Martin
  • Valeria Golino
  • Julia Roy
  • Nancy Tate
  • Anna Cottis
  • Hayley Carmichael
  • Christian Erickson
  • Nathan Willcocks
  • Jesuthasan Antonythasan

Atom User Reviews

2.0 out of 5


Jul 14, 2021

Whether you think Casanova's a hero worth idolizing, or a dull-as-dishwater man whore from a sexist past, Casanova, Last Love will make you believe he deserved better than this.

Metacritic review by Odie Henderson
Odie Henderson
Jul 14, 2021

In his new film, Casanova, Last Love... Jacquot, who is seventy-four, stands his artistic practice on its head in order to consider it retrospectively. It’s a classic “late film,” one that, with the contemplative distance of experience, approaches his deepest concerns with apparent simplicity.

Richard Brody
The New Yorker
Jul 13, 2021

We may not learn about Casanova the gambler or the spy, but we get to see a vulnerable side previously unexposed.

Metacritic review by Alex Saveliev
Alex Saveliev
Film Threat