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  • When Rosie originally confronts the Shriners, she twirls her shawl and tangles her hands in the ends. Viewed from the side, her hands are untangled and the shawl hangs freely at her sides.
  • When the turtle accelerates up some steps and out of an open door, you can see a clear ramp over the steps that allowed the turtle prop to slide cleanly up and out.
  • After Rosie pulls the McAfee family out of the audience at The Ed Sullivan Show (1948), two different shots of the Russian conductor show the McAfees still sitting in the audience.
  • When Rosie pulls the Shriners under the table, she comes up wearing all their hats, but they still have their hats on when they emerge.
  • After singing the final line of "One Boy," Rosie sits down on the balcony steps and wraps her arms around a support post. As the camera pulls away near a tree branch, the film cuts to a different take and Rosie's hands aren't in the same position as they were a split second before.
  • The turtle that zooms off a table and out a door is clearly a prop mounted on top of a dolly several inches thick that holds the turtle above the table and floor. The prop must have wheels as it slides so smoothly across the floor.
  • After Albert gives the pet turtle the initial version of the "Speed-Up" drug and the turtle speeds across the floor, then up the steps to the front door, reflections of the teens entering the door can be seen in the glass plate that they used to allow the turtle to get up the stairs.
  • In the long pan shot of the town square after Birdie sings "Honestly Sincere," a single "fainted" dancer sits up to see if the shot is over and then quickly flops back down again.
  • Kim says, "I think Harry took the news about Hugo and I awfully well," instead of "about Hugo and me".
  • As the tortoise is placed on the rocking chair, the chair begin to rock slightly. A moment later, the chair is motionless.
  • Following the song "One Boy" Hugo tells Kim he has homework to do. As the camera pulls back the shadow of the boom mic can be seen on the ground.
  • During the opening of You Gotta Be Sincere, the whammy bar on Conrad's guitar changes position between shots without being touched.


  • When the turtle begins to react to the "speed-up" pill, there's a close-up of his eye moving wildly. This eye is clearly a recycled clip of the close-up of the conductor's obviously human eye doing the same thing later in the film, masked to look like a turtle's face.
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